Wednesday, June 10, 2009


hello frens...

hw r u all? hope u all duing great... dear frens, actually v need 2 improve ourselves to be more effective 2 be in this competitive world either to get a job n to be a good leader in thi s society.. v need 2 do our part as a human being in this community.. so , whts our part? n whts ur part? lets think n make a decision. at least try 2 get 2gether all our 65 frens in this blog 2 share our thoughts, arguments, wishes, contributions, helps n so on.. there is a lot of things happening around us n we r lack of informations, communications n sharing ideas within ourselves.. so, lets tink n do something for our dearest frens n society. here, i welcome ur commetns of this topic..

u decide wht u wan...

without ur involvement u cant succeed.

tk cr my dear frens

1 comment:

  1. hi vaseegara, nice thing u hv said here. still we do need a strong bonding between us all. Things need to change. I myself nw facing problems in finding a job. Imagine those who already finished their practicals and still no job. Pls help each other to face this world. We all cn survive if we all help each other. Nothing is more valuable than a piece of information. All we need to do is just share any information that we hv. That cn help alot for anyone. Just keep in mind that helping others can help u alot in any way. Learned from Experience.